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To banish blackheads, “it is important to use products that are exfoliative or keratolytic,” aka peeling agents, “to dissolve the plug causing the blackhead,” Henry says. She recommends AcneFree Severe Maximum Strength Acne Spot Treatment + Redness Control Terminator 10 since it contains benzoyl peroxide, which is “a great keratolytic ingredient.”
Since blackheads are a form of acne, the more persistent cases might require the help of a derm via prescription retinoid.

For a milder, over-the-counter version, we recommend the Best of Beauty-winning Differin Gel.
Treating sebaceous filaments is a little trickier. While pore size is largely determined by your genetics—meaning you can’t exactly shrink them so much as make them appear smaller — you can keep oil buildup under control using prescription retinoids or over-the-counter salicylic acid and glycolic acid “whether as a scrub, pad, or gel,” says Marchbein. She recommends St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub.
Unfortunately, the effects of pore-clearing scrubs and masks aren’t permanent. Ultimately, pores “will fill back up because that’s what pores do,” Marchbein says.

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